Goodbye Madame President

I never in a million years thought that Trump would win the election.

And yet, if I’m honest with myself, I had the deepest pit of dread in my belly all day yesterday, went to sleep before the polls closed, and tossed and turned for several hours, only to be woken by heavy rain and a family of three fat raccoons frolicking outside my bedroom window at 2:30am. (They broke an antique plate that held my cat’s water bowl. Stupid to leave it out there!)

And then, I did it. I checked the results. And my stomach’s knots tightened into pure steel.

And I was silenced.

In shock, yes, but more than that.

It is built into the history, the legacy, of the world’s victimizerssusan-b-anthony-grave that they silence their prey. And while white and middle class, I am still a woman who knows they’re coming for us. Coming, coming, with their hate and their lies and their policies that seek to destroy us.

(I didn’t believe I could be raped, but it happened. I didn’t believe Trump could win the election, but that has happened too.)

And honestly, I believe they seek to destroy their own as well. To self destruct. That such loathing starts from the inside. And where did they learn it: from their own victimizers. And the cycle goes on.

Many have already said the same thing. Perhaps better than I can.

(I often worry that what I have to say doesn’t matter, and thereby become complicit in their plot.)

Silence can be viewed as corroboration.

So, I choose not to be silenced. I choose to raise my voice. I choose, like so many others have chosen, to say: Enough!

We will fight together to end the dominating forces that often seem so strong, to end patriarchy and oppression, to form a just and verdant society FOR ALL because it is the right thing to do.

Trump, and his kind, will not defeat us. We will learn to overcome. And this too shall pass.


And, even while taking active steps forward for tomorrow, it is still okay to mourn today.

Hillary, you would have been a terrific first. You deserved to be President.

And while many found fault in you that they never would have found in a man, I found something to admire.

You kept trying.

And I know you will continue to try. And maybe in four years’ time we’ll be smart enough to elect Michelle or Elizabeth, or some other amazing woman.


But, I’m still sorry it wasn’t you, and I mourn for all of us. What we have chosen is a lie. Fear over love.

But we will overcome. We have to.

We will try again. Just like you.


One thought on “Goodbye Madame President

  1. I would be so honored to vote for Michelle Obama. The first woman, black and no crap in her past……I am proud to have campaigned for Barrack and think he did a great job while being hindered by the Republicans at every turn! I listen to Trump say he is going to improve the infrastructure to bring back jobs….Barrack has been trying to do that for 8 years. The


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